Self Care

An essential tool in the self-care kit, the Lomi Half Ball's flat bottom surface allows it to "stay put" when targeting specific focus areas on the body. The coarse texture of the cork can also facilitate targeted friction for fascial release. Keep it under your desk to massage your feet when seated for a day of work at the computer. Sustainably sourced, Lomi Balls are a natural alternative to plastic myofascial release balls or rubber lacrosse balls. 

The massage therapy ball set is perfect for massaging your body before or after works outs or yoga-- and is the next big trend in wellness. Relieve muscle soreness, increase flexibility and improve your energy with myofascial release. This unique set of 3 massage therapy balls, including a special tiny reflexology ball for feet and face, is perfect for helping with targeted tissue massages.  

Small: $8.99

Large: $15.99

Half: $12.99

available in office

Small is perfect for feet.