Energy Work Healing

These treatments do not include massage.

Reiki Treatment with Aromatherapy and Aura Photography

Embark on a profoundly relaxing journey with a personalized Reiki Treatment enhanced by Aromatherapy. After your treatment, delve into the extraordinary world of Aura Photography. Our Aura Photography system will reveal your Aura, Chakras, Energy, and Emotional states, offering insight into the impact of Reiki. Your comprehensive report will not only display your Aura Personality but also provide guidance on harnessing your chakra energy for healing, influencing every facet of your life, from career and relationships to your overall well-being. 

90 minutes: $179

Relax Mind and Soul

Experience profound relaxation and rejuvenation through a combination of Reiki and a guided meditation session. This therapeutic experience will enable you to find inner peace and regain mastery over life's turbulence. Moreover, you have the option to receive this treatment remotely through Distance Healing. 

45 minutes $70

60  minutes $115

75 minutes $145


Reiki employs a practice often referred to as 'palm' or 'hands-on' healing. By applying this method, practitioners transmit universal energy, known as reiki, in the form of qi (referred to as ki in Japanese), through their palms. It is believed that this process facilitates self-healing and helps establish a state of balance and harmony. 

45 minutes $65

60 minutes $85

75 minutes $99

90 minutes $125

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