Couples workshops are available in office and are scheduled privately (not in a classroom with other couples).

Enrich your skills beyond massage techniques for your loved one or friend. In addition to hands-on massage experience, you will acquire valuable communication skills, explore the power of positive touch therapy, and gain much more. 

Join our series of specialized workshops targeting different areas of the body. Learn the art of safe and effective partner massage techniques. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic headaches, foot pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, or a host of other discomforts, these workshops are designed to address your unique needs. Choose the workshop that best suits your concerns: Back, Scalp, and Feet for tension relief in these areas, Arms, Legs, and Hands to alleviate issues like carpal tunnel syndrome and elbow pain, or Shoulders, Chest, and Face to ease tension and discomfort associated with these regions, including TMJ, sinus problems, and shoulder issues. 

30 minutes: $99

60 minutes: $179