Q&A Muscle Building Treatment

A machine that directly stimulates moto neurons, so that the body's muscles continue to expand and contract. The energy pulse of 30 minutes treatment can stimulate 30,000 strong muscle contractions, which help the fat cells to metabolize and decompose vigorously. At the same time, with muscle strengthening, it brings new technological experience for body shaping.

The 100% limit muscle contraction of this technology can trigger a lot of lipolysis, fatty acids are broken down from triglyceric acid, and accumulated in large amounts in fat cells.

The fatty acid concentration is too high, which will cause fat cells to apoptosis and be excreted from the body by normal metabolism within a few weeks. Therefore, this beauty muscle instrument can strengthen & increase muscles while achieving the effect of reducing fat.

Who is this for?

Who Should Avoid This Treatment?

How is the feeling? Will it hurt?

The process is painless and noninvasive. The feeling during the treatment is the same as that of your muscles during intense exercise.

How long will a course of treatment take? How long will it take effect?

4 times for a course of treatment, interval 2-3 days. 

Generally clients receive 6-8 courses of treatment, which can get good results. The best results are in the 2-4 weeks after the treatment. To break down fat and increase muscle mass, patients need to be patient. Usually after 4-6 treatments, muscle mass increases by approximately 16% and fact can be reduced by 19%.

How long will the effect last?

The effect can be maintained for one year after 6 courses. But some people may need additional treatments to achieve the best results. If you have a course of treatment every 2-3 months, you can maintain a better and best condition.