These personalized readings are truly one-of-a-kind. They illuminate specific aspects of life that may require additional focus and healing. In addition to these insights, I also offer life coaching, utilizing my intuitive gift to provide guidance and support for those seeking confirmation, direction, answers, and even messages from loved ones who have passed. Through this unique blend of readings and life coaching, we can explore your life's path, address challenges, and work together to create a more fulfilling and balanced future. 

Session Length and Cost

30 minutes: $99 (by phone or zoom) 

60  minutes: $199 (in person)

*Readings are for entertainment purpose only. Results vary and are not guaranteed. Customer agrees upon payment Cristina is not responsible for customer's choices and decisions with their life. No refunds.

*Distance Treatment: You (client) do not have to be in-office for these services. You can be anywhere. How it works: once you book an appointment, you will be contacted by someone at Happie Soul. At the time of the appointment, your therapist will reach out to begin your treatment. You may wish to remain on the phone, or video chat (whatever you and your therapist decide upon); or perhaps you would want to relax so you turn off the phone, set a timer for the length of treatment if you wish, and put on relaxing music. Once the timer goes off, give yourself a few minutes to relax. You may call your therapist and discuss your treatment. However, most clients will simply wait a few days before reaching out to let their therapist know how things have been going.