Aura Photography

In aura theory, every person has a unique ability to change his or her aura colors. The changes are thought to result from energetic changes in the body. Each color represents a range of interpretations, so we look at the combinations and the rate of color change in each section to evaluate the chi-energy. There are no "good" or "bad" auras, just different ones. Learn ways to become balanced.

Choose from multiple types of sessions. You can get your Aura Photo taken before/after a treatment or you can receive a full Aura session that includes Chakra Bar Graph, Relaxation Levels, Yin-Yang Color Wheel Reading, Aura Power, Mind-Body-Spirit Graph, and Emotiometer. This session also includes Aurahealer Energy.

AuraHealer is an applications used to measure the energy in the hand of a Reiki in real-time. This energy is shown through arcs that vary in length and speed. The faster and longer the arc, the more energy that area is projecting.  

Our aura reading machine can’t fix emotional ailments. But our incredible technology can serve as an essential guide on one’s path to improved personal wellness.

By providing you with an easy-to-understand interpretation of aura-chakra energies, you can aid yourself or your clients in furthering their understanding of their personal and emotional well-being.