Butt/Breast Cupping

What Is Vacuum Butt Therapy?

Also known as butt cupping, vacuum butt therapy is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the appearance of the buttocks. In recent years, it has become a popular non-surgical alternative to Brazilian butt lift surgery. 

Butt cupping can effectively tighten, tone, and enhance the buttocks in a way that looks subtle and natural. It achieves this by using suction technology to increase blood flow to the tissues and muscles in the buttocks. This effectively lifts the tissues and creates a more sculpted appearance.

In fact, one 30-minute butt cupping session has been shown to have the same effect as more than 1000 squats. Vacuum butt therapy can also smooth the skin, reducing the appearance of imperfections like cellulite. 

The Benefits of Butt Cupping

Butt cupping procedures offer a number of aesthetic benefits, including the ones below:

The biggest benefits of vacuum butt therapy are in the procedure itself. Butt cupping is an outpatient procedure that requires no recovery or downtime, allowing patients to resume their normal activities after treatment.

How Is Butt Cupping Performed?

Prior to your vacuum butt therapy session, it is important to have a clear understanding of what the procedure involves. Below is an outline of the complete butt cupping process.


Before your butt cupping session, you will schedule a consultation with our cosmetic medicine providers to determine whether this is the best course of treatment for you. We will assess your current figure and discuss the outcome you are looking for so that we can provide you with an ideal treatment plan.

Once you have been deemed a good candidate for vacuum butt therapy, you will be able to schedule your first session. There is no preparation required. We recommend wearing comfortable underwear that will not interfere with the placement of the butt cupping devices. 


During your vacuum butt therapy session, you will be able to lie comfortably while treatment is administered. While lying on your stomach, a large suction cup will be placed on each buttock. These cups are large enough to cover almost the entirety of the buttock for most patients.

A vacuum device is then used to suction all of the air out of each suction cup, pulling the skin and tissue into the cup. This promotes increased circulation to the tissues and underlying muscles. 

Improved circulation in the area will lift and tone the buttock and tighten and firm the skin. This can effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite as well. The entire process takes about 30 minutes to complete.


After your butt cupping session, you will be able to return home and resume normal activity. There is no downtime or recovery involved. To see optimal results, we recommend returning for multiple sessions. 

Most patients benefit from two to eight sessions spaced several weeks apart. We will design a customized treatment schedule based on your body’s needs to ensure that you achieve the optimal results from your vacuum butt therapy.

While your butt cupping treatment will produce real results, these results can fade if not well-maintained. You must follow a balanced diet and get regular exercise to keep the outcome of your vacuum butt therapy long term.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

The ideal candidate for a non-surgical butt lift is a healthy patient who is close to their ideal weight. This is not a weight loss procedure but rather an enhancement treatment. Butt cupping will not remove excess weight from your buttocks. It aims to tighten and sculpt the tissue, creating a lifted, firm appearance.

If you want to improve the appearance of your buttocks without going through an invasive procedure, you may be a good candidate for butt cupping. Vacuum butt therapy is a great alternative to butt lift surgery and helps many patients get the more sculpted backside they desire. 

When you have been unable to achieve a tighter, more toned butt with squats and other workout routines, butt cupping could be your best course of treatment.

To determine whether you are a good candidate for butt cupping, a consultation with one of our cosmetic medicine professionals can help. We will assess your body shape and discuss your desired outcome to decide whether vacuum butt therapy is right for you.

Butt Cupping Procedures

Do you want a toned, sculpted butt, but butt lift surgery or implants aren’t right for you? Butt cupping is a popular cosmetic treatment that can give you a firmer, tighter backside. 

Vacuum butt therapy is completely non-invasive and non-surgical, giving you a simple way to achieve the figure you want.