Galactic Matrix Healing 

Guided to Create


(formally) Galactic Matrix Healing 

by Cristina L. Boyle


As healing evolves, its important to follow your intuition and select a treatment, or class that you feel drawn to naturally. Cristina's guides have informed her that this Healing energy is not complete, it too is still evolving.

MATRIX OF MACROCOSM (The Galactic Matrix Healing™) can be done as a Treatment, Attunement, or an Upgrade. These can all be done remotely. In person sessions generally run close to 75 minutes.

When done remotely, the client will first receive an email with instructions on how to call the energy healing in-when they are ready. After the treatment, the healer will then send a 2nd email letting the client know the results of the treatment. The client may follow up with their experience after their session, or after a few days. Whatever is comfortable for them. Its important to note that this healing will last for a few weeks and things in your life may begin to change at a faster pace. Be sure your intentions are good, your goals are truly what you want, and you will be able to manifest the life you deserve. All for your greatest and highest good; with grace and ease.

LEARNING MATRIX OF MACROCOSM (The Galactic Matrix Healing) 

With the foundation being the traditional elements of Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki (balancing and restoring the body’s flow of natural life force), and working with the Galactic plasm, a MATRIX OF MACROCOSM (The Galactic Matrix Healing) session gives your healing a boost into the next dimension. This form of Energy Healing does not require to add more symbols (as done in Reiki) as the sacred geometry and galactic energy is already within you. Activating this Galactic power is intense and yields powerful healing. This Energy Healing will boost the Reiki you have.

Cristina recommends only Reiki Masters receive this upgrade and only if they are drawn to this energy. Because the foundation of this MATRIX OF MACROCOSM (The Galactic Matrix Healing) is Usui Reiki, she recommends the practitioner also receive any upgrade needed to become a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master. This will help to ensure they will receive the highest level of healing from all 12 heavens and 15 dimensions. Click Here for information on Reiki classes (all classes can be done by ZOOM and can be scheduled at the convenience of the student).

There are no symbols to learn, you simply need to be ready to call the energy into yourself-opening your Crown Chakra to receive. This Healing was created with higher-dimensional galactic frequencies, and holds a unique frequency of light that is encoded with activational healing energies. The high vibrational frequencies work on the subtle energy of the body, including karmic and ancestral lineages, and can take you on a profound journey to the stars and back. This energy will heal you on every level of your current being.

Cristina has included in this Attunment/Upgrade, the 22 Strand DNA Activation. Healing each level of the dormant self, this will assist you in the deepest level of healing.

Just some of the many examples that MATRIX OF MACROCOSM (The Galactic Matrix Healing) can assist with during a healing are:

· Activating expansion and manifestation

· Accessing past lives

· Clearing family, karmic and ancestral timelines

· Reclaiming your gifts Clearing poverty consciousness

· Downloading your divine blueprint

· Creating portals to access stellar frequencies

· Connecting to your Guides, the Angelic Realm and your Galactic Family

· Creating a safe space to work/play/rest in Connecting you to Unconditional Love and Universal Guidance

· Enhancing psychic gifts

· Working with time and space

· Anchoring higher energies

· Clearing away attachments and healing them

· Reactivating your authentic self

· Protecting you from psychic and spirit attacks

Further healing for full activation* can include:

· Overcome apathy and doubt

· Strengthen your body-mind-soul interface

· See more possibilities of what you can be and can do

· Release unresolved emotional attachments effortlessly and instantly

· Have a more integrated thought process and awareness of yourself

· Flow more smoothly through the rapid changes of today with greater ease, balance, and awareness of the options before you.

· Quiet mental chatter

· Awaken your physical senses to experience more of the world

· Access higher levels of consciousness

· More easily relax and meditate