July 2019, Cristina had a download from her guides to create GALACTIC MATRIX HEALING™. During this download, Cristina was guided to use Galactic plasma energy and guide it through her client while the essence of their soul guides Cristina to specific Galaxies and other Universes. Healing clears the client while also providing soul retrieval (those broken lost parts due to traumas). 

If you are interested in energy work, have experienced trauma, are ready to elevate your life, this is for you.

GMH™ can be done as a treatment and an attunement.

Just some of the many examples that GMH can assist with during a healing are:

· Activating expansion and manifestation

· Accessing past lives

· Clearing family, karmic and ancestral timelines

· Release unresolved emotional attachments effortlessly and instantly

· Have a more integrated thought process and awareness of yourself

· Quiet mental chatter

Further healing for full activation* can include:

· Overcome apathy and doubt

· Strengthen your body-mind-soul interface

· See more possibilities of what you can be and can do

· Flow more smoothly through the rapid changes of today with greater ease, balance, and awareness of the options before you.

· Awaken your physical senses to experience more of the world

· Access higher levels of consciousness

· More easily relax and meditate

Congratulations Cristina! 

Bronze winner at the American Massage Competition, July 2022. She competed in the Swedish Massage and Wellness Massage categories. 

She will be competing in the International Massage Competition in Denmark, June 2023!

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Cristina is Approved through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Provider #1000788  

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