Its Time to EVOLVE

Your Life is about to Change!

What to Expect

A Mastermind like no other! Cristina's classes include Coaching/Intuitive with Reiki Healing! Every class is intuitively guided and there for different. Your unique ZOOM class will be recorded just for you.

  • ALL LEVELS of Holy Fire III Reiki (Level 1, 2 and Master Teacher)

  • Karuna Reiki

  • How to create and use a crystal grid

  • Chanting and Toning

  • Using crystals in a Reiki treatment

  • How to provide a treatment (both in person and distant healing)

  • Utilize Chakra energy and Reiki for manifestation and healing

  • Learn Spirit Attachment Release, Strengthen boundaries and send Reiki to your guides and Ascended Masters

  • How to connect with your Spirit Guides and develop your psychic abilities (optional)

Reiki is described as a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a "universal energy" is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

I have been studying and living with Reiki energy since 2013. As life progressed, I learned more and more about Reiki and how it can help me. FINALLY I had my "AH HA" moment! My whole life made sense! I finally understood why I was repeating patterns. Emotional trauma stunted my desire to be myself; I wanted to hide away and not be noticed. I never wanted to be vulnerable or looked at as 'weak'. I remember even saying "I was the glue of the family". My sister had died when I was 10 years old and I felt like I needed to be the strong one. My own thoughts and feelings were not as important as anyone else. I had turned into a people pleaser and put everyone else's needs, thoughts, and emotions before my own. I got totally lost. I didn’t know who I was anymore!

While using Reiki I was able to heal from traumatic experiences; my sister's death, abusive relationships, mentality abusive bosses, even drug addiction. Reiki helped me to improve my confidence and establish boundaries - I was able to finally move forward. I was no longer stuck as a victim, but instead was progressing into a soulful being full of life and joy. I learned what it meant to be resilient and unapologetically authentic.

I also learned to use Reiki for healing relationships, manifestation, and to strengthen my psychic abilities which became stronger and I became more confident in using my gifts.

I was even able to add this into my massage practice to help others experience a deeper level of relaxation and healing that they did not even know they needed!

Investment of $3,333


Reiki has changed my life. I took a class somewhere else before meeting Cristina, but Cristina thoroughly explains it. She helps when you are stuck. She goes above and beyond. I use reiki to send to my childhood and to my parents to heal some of the pain and hurt. I write a to do list or a goals list and I send reiki to my list that this or something better will happen. I use reiki to relax. I use reiki to understand why I’m reactive instead of proactive, and I’m changing for the better because of it. - Kristy Darby


Reiki has helped me release what no longer serves my highest and greatest good and has helped me step into my authentic truth. It also helped me manifest what was for my highest good. It brought me a sense of worth and confidence in taking what I already knew existed with source and deepened the surface while enhancing the layers and lengths I could go to, to become even closer to source. It deepened my trust and faith with universe and higher power by reassuring the gifts and messages o had been exposed to from source already and confirmed a bigger better understanding of what powerful healers we really are and that if we invest in our calling and our own energy it is so worth it and pays off automatically with pure intentions! - Stephanie S.