One-on-One Success Coaching

$34,495 - Payment options coming. Credit card or paypal currently accepted.

Cristina can only accommodate two one-on-one coaching clients at a time (this program only).

One-on-one success coaching provides:

  • Up to 8 hours per month of face-to-face coaching for one year, either at the Mechanicsburg office or using a distance format.

  • Includes unlimited texts and emails to address questions or comments. Cristina personally answers the texts and emails for these clients.

  • A 5-day, in office, personal Dream Sculpting experience. You will leave this experience with a well planned map of how to reach your dreams in several areas of life.

  • All of the Coaching listed HERE

With this program, personal attention and your full commitment, you will see dramatic differences in your life.*

*As with all coaching, the effort you put into the program will determine your success.