A Journey to Your Authentic Self

Programs Include


A combination of Life and Manifestation Coaching techniques are included. Cristina calls this program Spiritual Coaching because it not only aids in this life time, but also goes deeper into healing a person's soul and reconnecting them to Spirit and Source/Energy. This coaching heals the person in a most complete way - Body, Mind, and Soul.

Things to expect:

  • disassembling outdated beliefs

  • embracing your authenticity

  • activate your power to manifest

  • reducing stress and anxiety

  • journal

  • vision board

  • and more!

Soul and Spiritual Healing

Soul is that part of us that is the repository of all our experiences from this life, from all past lives, and in-between lives. It also contains all the attitudes, values and beliefs we've formed about our experiences as well as the decisions we've made about ourselves and about life, and what we've learned.

Spirit is the that part of us that is connected to Source, Universe, Energy, God or what ever your belief is. The spirit can evolve too. This means that it can develop a greater connection to Source. Since Source is infinite, there is no limit to the development the spirit can experience.

Services Included:

  • Distance Reiki Treatment

  • Breathwork and Meditation

  • Intuitive/Psychic Reading

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Inner Child work (shadow work)



Live Q & A

Email Updates and Check-ins


This coaching is done remotely and each client session is different. Client may choose phone, email, or ZOOM.

All details about programs should be discussed prior to purchase.

Spiritual Coaching: this involves reconnecting client to their core belief, whatever that may be for them. Life Coaching and Manifestation Coaching techniques are included in this unique form of coaching.

Policies and Payments

Please note that Cristina is not responsible for the outcome of coaching. Any reading is for entertainment purposes only. No refunds on deposits or payments will be available. This is an investment in your future and all choices you make are your own. Religion is not discussed in coaching except to explain the difference between religion and spiritual unless the client chooses to ask questions. Cristina is not an expert in religion or religious beliefs. Everyone of every background is welcome in this coaching course.

Payments must be made in full. There are no payment options for these programs.

Coaching sessions are set up Sunday - Thursday 10 am - 4 pm only. It is the responsibility of the client to book their sessions at the time of purchasing the program. The client is required to show up for their appointments. Any missed appointments will not be made up.

Please email any questions to


Take the time to get to know yourself.

Where are you now and where you want to be going? Lets dive in and find your purpose and heal any blocks you may have.

Investment $777

Extended Journey

Using the power of Source energy, we will go back through your life to heal the deepest wounds hidden away by your ego and subconscious - including inner child work. Allowing the release of anything holding you back will help create the YOU that you have missed or never even known. We'll shed the culturally created self, heal the dormant self so you can become your authentic self and reaching your goals.

Investment $2,222