Aura Photography Session

In aura theory, every person has a unique ability to change his or her aura colors. The changes are thought to result from energetic changes in the body. Each color represents a range of interpretations, so we look at the combinations and the rate of color change in each section to evaluate the chi-energy. There are no "good" or "bad" auras, just different ones. Learn ways to become balanced.

Choose from multiple types of sessions. You can get your Aura Photo taken before/after a treatment or you can receive a full Aura session that includes Chakra Bar Graph, Relaxation Levels, Yin-Yang Color Wheel Reading, Aura Power, Mind-Body-Spirit Graph, and Emotiometer. This session also includes Aurahealer Energy.

AuraHealer is an applications used to measure the energy in the hand of a Reiki in real-time. This energy is shown through arcs that vary in length and speed. The faster and longer the arc, the more energy that area is projecting.

$33 session

All sessions are booked through Happie Soul Massage. Sessions can be done in-person, by phone or by ZOOM. Please add a note as to your preference when booking your session.