Journey to Your Authentic Self

Shamanic Healing Sessions: Journey to Your Authentic Self

I offer two-hour shamanic healing sessions that facilitate a complete healing process and help go to the heart of the situation you want to shift, no matter if it is of a physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual nature (click here to read more about shamanism and how shamanic healing works as a whole).

Distance Sessions

In the current context, I share my time between in-person and distance sessions, by phone (WhatsApp) or ZOOM. I follow the same process as in-person sessions (see below), including for the initial relaxation, energy work, and calling of the energies.

Clients who have experienced both have been blown away by the intensity and effectiveness of distance healing, in particular (but not only) for physical issues. For more information and appointments, call or text now 717-254-7250.

Why should you consider coming for a shamanic healing session?

Clients come for a shamanic healing session with a wide range of demands and, in the course of a session, we generally work on different aspects of your life as things are often connected. Here are the most common requests I get:

  • You are on a spiritual path and need some deeper guidance and support;

  • You may struggle with physical or mental health issues, including long-term or life-threatening illness or diseases and pain that mainstream medicine seems unable to help you with;

  • You may feel stuck or crushed or so traumatized by life (and at times past life, or the history of your family) that you feel unable to move forward;

  • You may feel more momentarily depressed, hopeless; you may struggle with anxiety and fears;

  • You may be at a crossroad of your life, but lost about how to get about it, and how to move through drastic transformations; or you may want your life to change, or just want to know what’s next for you;

  • You may struggle with relationships, or the loss of a dear one, and mourning processes…

The list goes on and you don’t need to have ‘issues’ to benefit from a session. However, you need to feel ready to get your life transformed at a very deeper level and be back in your full soul power.

What happens in a shamanic healing session with me?

Each session is different, but here is the process that I often follow when I work with someone for the first time. Here is an overview of what may happen when you come to see me for the first time (with a few variations for distance sessions).

1. Preliminary conversation

At the beginning of the session, I will ask you why you come to see me. I will not ask for many details but we will agree on the limits of my mandate and how you would like to feel. Often times, clients come with one request in mind and, during our conversation, add to what they feel that they need. If you consider that all aspects of our beings are connected, this makes sense. The length of this conversation varies a lot person to person (and clients often feel that the healing start right then) but it will not take more than 30 minutes.

2. Transition

I will then smudge you (using sage, making sure that you are fine with it). This serves both as an initial clearing and a blessing of your body before entering the healing room. This is also the time when I open my “shaman eyes” and start looking at your energy field and feeling energy flowing as I connect with source.

3. Preparing the space and your body-mind-spirit for the healing

We will then transition to the healing room where I will help you lie down comfortably. You will remain comfortably clothed. I will use a few rituals to start creating a safe and sacred space for you, and guide you through a deep relaxation / meditation / visualization. This might include some preliminary energy work which includes a form of hands-on healing which uses a gentle, non-invasive touch to balance the subtle energy field, help open up blockages that may exist, and increase your body’s own innate ability to open up to receiving.

It is an important part of the preparation for the healing process, as it will help you enter a place of receptivity. My goal is for you to drop very deep, in radical presence, in a space and time where miracles truly happen because you are fully present – mind, body and spirit.

I always spend as much time as needed on this phase of the process as it is important for each person to feel “home”, in a safe and sacred space — sacred as it will be holding your intention(s). It is not unusual for clients to feel nervous before a session, so being able to deeply relax and feel fully at peace before the journey, is important. I also take the time to explain everything that will be happening, at least in terms of the process so that your conscious mind can relax, without having to wonder about what is next.

4. Calling the energies and setting the intention(s) for the journey

I will reinforce the protection around you, and call the energies (including your spiritual guides and guardian angels, whoever they are, providing that they are of the highest vibration of unconditional love). Clients are generally surprised by how powerful this particular ritual is.

Then, I set the intention(s) for the journey, based on what you will have shared with me. This step is crucial in the way I work: setting your intention aloud allows me to really imprint it within me and send it out clearly to Spirits, but also to completely let go of the details. One of the key differences in how I do my work compared to other shamans you may know or have heard of is that I never journey thinking, “that person needs a soul retrieval (or an extraction, or her animal spirit to be called…)” or “I need to go to a past life.” I just go and completely surrender to where Spirits lead me and, more often than not, journeys take me completely by surprise to places and things to do that I could have never come up with myself.

5. The Journey

After I set the intention(s) for the journey, based on the mandate you will have given me, I will journey on your behalf (with the support of some chanting, or toning).

From your intentions, the understanding of what has happened will start to be shown to me and the deeper healing begins. I will not prejudge what you need or where I need to lead the journey, but will instead follow Spirits’ lead. Indeed, the most important lesson I have learnt over and over along the decades has probably less to do with what I know than what I don’t know. I have learnt to forget, each time, everything I may think that I know and listen deeply to each person, and to what Spirits want to bring to them, allowing what is needed to come through in the moment. This is the beauty and the power of this practice, and this is why I go deep for you.

The journey is the heart of the session; the transformation that happens in that space is what will have the most impact on your life. I don’t know of any single “technique” that is more powerful than the healings that I perform in the journey space.

As soon as the journey is complete and I come back to my body, I blow the energy into your body. It is pure energy, pure essence, beyond the words that I later use to share with you what has happened in the journey.

Then, I immediately take detailed notes of what I have seen, heard and done in the journey space, to make sure that I can relate to you everything. You will remain relaxed during that time as the energies will continue to do the work. In fact, many clients actually feel and perceive as much (if not more) while I “download” those notes as when I am journeying.

In some cases, I may guide you to journey with me. The note-taking will then vary, as will the process for the reporting.

6. Reconnecting with the body and completing the healing

I will check the energies in your body, and also how you feel, before completing the process. This may, again, involve some hands-on healing and more ritualized experience. The goal is to help you integrate the benefits of the journey and guide through whatever additional healing and opening needs to happen for you. If I feel that you need more energy work in the moment, I will do it, with your permission.

7. Debriefing

No matter how long the session will have lasted, we will take the time to fully debrief, so that you can share what you will have experienced (even though you won’t necessarily have the words for it yet) and, as importantly, I can share with you everything I have heard and seen in the journey. This is my commitment and my ethics. And my experience is that it will feel right. We will also talk about the energy work as clients also receive many insights during that part of the shamanic healing session.

Although I will tell you all the details from the journey at that time, if I journey for you on my own I will send you a full transcription of the notes afterwards. It is a very unique additional gift that I give my clients and I know that it makes a huge difference for them. Indeed, I recommend to go back to the notes from a journey on a regular basis as you may find new layers and new meanings, openings that you had not perceived at first, or simply things that start making more sense over time. It is also a way for the mind and body to remember what they have experienced — and to focus on the main messages from the journey. The energy and power from a journey are behind the words and they will continue to work through you. I have had countless feedback from clients sharing how much months, at times years later, a report from a session has continued to guide and inspire their life; more importantly, they report experiencing how much they continue to feel the power of the journey each time they read the notes. Again, this part might slightly vary depending on what we actually do during the session but it will be clearly explained to you during the session, if it was to be the case.

I may also recommend exercises and daily practices tailored to your need and which you can easily introduce in your daily life in order to support the process.

How will you feel after the session?

At the end of a shamanic healing session, you will feel lighter, at peace and balanced, hopeful and strong, more aware and alive, unusually clear in your mind and body, in your full power.

More importantly, 95% of my clients also report immediate shifts in the situation they wanted to address, and instant healings are not uncommon. There is a reason why clients speak of miracles, and report incredible experiences of a lifetime.

The effects of the healing will continue to enfold as the days pass and the effects of a healing may actually last for months and even years. I have many clients who, more than a decade later, report continuing to benefit from the work and referring back to the report that I sent from the initial journey we took together.

Your life itself will also seem more meaningful. You will have a better understanding of the different dimensions of your situation, including some that might not have been immediately clear or had remained unconscious and would have taken much more time to get unraveled through conventional approaches. This approach is particularly powerful for deep complex traumas.

Will you need a follow up?

I highly recommend a follow-up session in the weeks following a full shamanic healing. I want to make sure that you are seeing the impact of the healing enfolding, and that you are receiving the support that you need at this specific juncture of your life, including the practices and tools to keep supporting yourself on a daily basis. At times, the healing process needs to continue over a period of time to make sure that you are moving forward in complete wholeness.

What happens in follow up sessions?

Follow up sessions vary a lot in nature and content. It can be anything from shamanic and energetic work to visualization/mindfulness and meditation or Emotional Freedom Technique (also called Tapping), to mentoring. Every person is different so I never presume of what the person needs or how long you will need to work with me.

Most healers hope that their clients can continue with them for months if not years – it’s recurring business, true – but I approach my role differently. I believe that you, as a client, should be re-empowered, set free. This is why, I will help you find the tools and practices that are going to easily fit in your daily life (based on what you already do or like to do) and support the shift that you are looking for.

Most individuals find it useful to come back for a shamanic journey after a few months because something else has come up in their life, because they are at another stage of their own process, or for most of them, because they have felt so much benefit from the first session that they want to keep working on other layers.

What is my promise to You?

As a facilitator, my role is to create a safe, sacred and loving space as well as to provide gentle guidance for you to receive exactly what you need at this point of your life. This is your space, your process. Because I care about it, I am ready to leap, to take risk and to put everything I get into each session. Because I care enough, I also raise the bar, not just for myself, but for you. Because I know that you are worth it. Because I know what Spirits are capable of. But this is your story, not mine. Your success, not mine. Yes, I witness miracles happening in the healing room all the time but I know that they are yours; you are the one in power, not I. There is an inner knowing cluttered by all the stories that you may have been told or may have told yourself, but you can access it once more.

Healing does not have to take forever and it does not have to be difficult or painful. The realm of Spirits is full of Joy and lightness, and this is what I want for you. Now, we do not reach it by ignoring the old wounds or the obstacles in our lives but by transforming them.

Fee for shamanic healing session: $275

Follow up and energy sessions: $165 – $225

Package for ongoing healing work: Contact me

Important disclaimer:

It is important to understand that shamanic healing is an adjunct to, not a substitute for, conventional medical or psychological services. As a client, you must understand that shamanic healing can sometimes bring up issues of a highly personal nature that may cause you to experience emotional or physical responses that may be unexpected and/or unpleasant and cause some distress. You agree to assume this risk. You confirm that you do not suffer from any mental or physical impairment that might make it inadvisable for you to assume such risks. You will not hold the practitioner responsible for any discomfort or reaction you may experience. You understand that you can ask the practitioner to stop the session at any time.